Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How do you write?

How do you write? 

This is a question I get asked quite a lot the other question being 'How do you come up with your ideas?' 

Very often writing just involves getting your butt down on the chair and getting on with it. It is hard and it is painful and often you feel like you are swimming against the tide but if you want to be a writer you do it. I started writing many years ago using pen and paper, it took me hours to get the words down but I forced myself to do so many a day. Typing up the story was my first set of edits making the typed up version the second draft - further edits and more work followed before it was even suitable to be given to my then editor. This is how things went for a very long time until I started to write directly upon the computer and then my trusted tablet which has travelled all over with me recently. 

From time to time I'll switch back to writing with pen and paper and so my writing room is piled up with fresh and half filled notepads, pens are spread all over the place meaning I am never far from a writing implement. Yes it does take a while to type up the words I've written which means I probably write far slower but somehow I feel more connected to the story. Be it that I can remember where I was when I wrote that sentence or knowing why my handwriting  is more of a scrawl at points there is something real about working in ink. 

I now know I will always switch between writing straight onto the computer and writing in pen and I gladly accept the fact that I'll be not working efficiently however working inefficiently is far more preferable than not working at all.

So how about you - how do you write?

Friday, May 15, 2015

Writing update

Well! It happened again as I knew it would at some stage. Life reared its head and dragged me away from the computer and writing pads so for the past couple of weeks I've done next to no writing.

However! It hasn't been all negatives, I've been able to get away and explore places I've never been to which of course has sparked more ideas for stories (why do we only have 24 hours in the day?). I've also managed to get lots of other work done as well as still managing to keep relatively organised.

In somewhat more exciting news a manuscript has also been handed in and there will be news on that coming soon. Here is a sneak peek:

So what next? Well I've got a lot more writing to get done and I've got some outstanding submissions I've got to get work done on but I'm also fleshing out an idea for a book staring the totally dashing and over the top Captain Barnabas (you can read a little about him in Valves & Vixens Book 1).

Then there is the blogs, I've got a few in planning and will be getting them up regularly all being well.

In other news I rarely make really serious posts however the devastation in Nepal from the recent earthquakes can't really be ignored.

Coming Together: Through the Storm was put together to raise money for people in the Philippines the proceeds of the sales all go toward Mercy Corps.

When I put the anthology together I wanted the anthology to benefit not just the Philippines but also many other places that Mercy Corps work in. They have been in Nepal since the first earthquake and will be for a long time.

All proceeds from the sale of Coming Together: Through the Storm go to Mercy Corps so buying it will help Mercy Corps and Nepal as well as the continued help in the Philippines. So why not donate some money and get some great stories to read at the same time!